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Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association (CSEA)

JESPA works collectively to educate, unify, and advocate for the Education Support Professionals of Jeffco Public Schools.

The Classified School Employees Association is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all Classified Employees.

Each year, the CSEA Negotiation Team meets with the Jeffco Schools Negotiation Team to discuss issues of relevance to Classified Employees.  

The team members work together through a collaborative, interest-based collective bargaining process to find ways improve the working environment for all classified employees and the learning environment for all students.

Once a tentative agreement has been established, the changes are presented to the members of CSEA for ratification.  

The ratified tentative agreement is then presented to the Jeffco School Board for adoption.

Please see members only section for more information and ways to participate in negotiations.

The 2014-2015 Negotiations Team:

Negotiations Chair:  Karen Jones, JCAEOP

Kathy Bowles, JCSFSA - Food Service Manager at Bear Creek High School

Les Robinson, JCSFSA - Food Service Warehouse/Driver

Lara Center, JCAP - Paraprofessional at Dennison Elementary

Ann Benninghoff, JCAP - Paraprofessional at Dutch Creek Elementary

Jon Duran, JCMA - Electrician, Maintenance

Mark Bruno, JCMA - HVAC, Maintenance

Steve Gaskin, JCTA - Bus Driver, Central Transportation

Valerie Pelc, JCTA - Transportation Trainer

Lori Utecht, JCAEOP - Principal’s Secretary, Witt Elementary

Devon Van Trump, JCSSA - Facility Manager, Prospect Valley

Jason Huff, JCSSA - Facility Manager, Shelton Elementary

Ron Petersen, Mechanics - Group Leader, West Transportation

Vern Sterkel, Mechanics - Body Shop Mechanic, Central Transportation

CSEA Representatives  include:

Nancy McCanless, CSEA President

Sharleen Farmer, CSEA Executive Director

Jeff Fry, CSEA Legal Counsel

Vicki Harris, Member Services Manager

The CSEA Negotiated Agreement 2013-2019

For more information on your rights or contract interpretation, contact the CSEA Office.

Collective Bargaining and CSEA Negotiated Agreement


April 3, 2015


Board Room


April 23, 2015


Board Room


May 8, 2015


Board Room


May 14, 2015


Board Room

CSEA Negotiations Dates 2015

Our negotiations are open to the public.  That means you can come observe negotiations will directly affect you.  Show your support commit to attend at least one session!