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Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association (CSEA)

JESPA works collectively to educate, unify, and advocate for the Education Support Professionals of Jeffco Public Schools.

CSEA  Representation Policy

All employees of Jefferson County Schools (R-1) as identified in Section 1-1 of the Classified School Employees Association and the Jefferson Country Association of Paraprofessionals Negotiated Agreements are entitled to every right and benefit of their respective Negotiated Agreements. (As of September 2013, the CSEA and JCAP negotiated agreements have been combined)

The Classified School Employees Association will maintain a pool of active dues paying employees who are trained to provide advice, counsel and advocacy when called upon.  

The Classified School Employees Association may provide an experienced, trained representative as identified in Sections 6-5-1-2, 6-6-3, 8-4 and 8-4-1 of the Classified Negotiated Agreement and Sections 6-5-1-2, 6-6-3, 7-3 and 7-3-1 of the JCAP Negotiated Agreement upon request and when doing so is in compliance with this policy.

CSEA will provide trained representatives upon request to employees covered by both Negotiated Agreements who choose to support CSEA by the payment of dues.  It will not be in compliance with this policy to provide trained representatives to employees who do not pay dues.  


Effective September 1, 2009, CSEA will assign a case file number every time representation is requested by an employee covered by either Negotiated Agreement.  Trained Association Representatives, who are asked by a covered employee to attend a meeting called by management, will contact the CSEA office and receive a case file number.  With a case file open, a representative will advise or counsel an employee and/or attend a meeting with the employee if the employee pays dues.  Employees who do not pay dues will be provided a Non Dues Paying Member Grievance Form and written instructions on how to complete the form.  

Trained Association Representatives will attend any meeting when requested by a manager or the administration that could lead to discipline or performance concerns.  If time allows for a case file to be opened, the Representative can proceed appropriately for a dues paying employee and only observe what happens for a non-dues paying employee.  If no case file has been opened, the representative will only observe the proceedings.  

Every case file will be kept open a minimum of 40 work days.  Files with no activity during this time will be closed and deleted.  Files with activity will stay open at least 35 working days following the most recent activity.  

When a case progresses to a formal grievance filing, the case file will be closed and the content moved into the grievance file.

CSEA will continue to process grievances as required in the Negotiated Agreements and according to established practice.  

The CSEA Grievance Committee authorizes the filing of all formal grievances and, to maintain the integrity of the Negotiated Agreements, will authorize filing a grievance for a non-dues paying employee when evidence indicates either Negotiated Agreement has been violated.  

It is the intent of this policy to maintain CSEA’s longstanding practice of helping dues paying employees through representation, advice, counsel, information or resources whenever there is a personal request.  It is also the intent of this policy to withhold these services from non-dues paying employees.    

If you have a situation that you feel could be grievable or if you need representation in a disciplinary meeting, please contact the CSEA office immediately.

(303) 279-3232

Representation Policy

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